Frequently Asked Questions

Your home could be your most expensive purchase. We understand the concerns that come along with such a large expense. That’s why we strive to be the best builder in our region. National building industry studies have consistently shown that buyers of custom homes realize more appreciation from their investment when they decide to sell. Eventually, when you decide to sell your home, buyers will inevitably ask, “Who built this home?” Let the answer be Suburban Builders – accept no imitations.

How much does it typically cost to build a new home?

Many factors drive the price of a new home including square footage, finish materials (e.g. hardwood floors vs. carpet), and lot conditions just to name a few.  We will provide a ballpark cost and a detailed bid after you pick the design and finishes of your new home.

Can you help me find a lot or a tear down house?

Absolutely.  We work with many realtors and are contacted by homeowners who want to sell their home directly to us.    In our market, typically the most difficult part of the entire building process is identifying and successfully purchasing a lot that  suits your ability to build your dream home within your budget.   Suburban Homes has the inside track to lots for sale – pre-market listings and immediately when good properties become available.

Finding a Lot

How do I go about finding and selecting a lot to build my new home?

The lot size will depend on the dimensions of the home you want to build.  Each jurisdiction has its own rules regarding lot coverage (how much of the lot the house and driveway can cover) and setbacks (all jurisdictions require the house to be a certain distance from the front of the lot, the sides and back).  We will do a lot feasibility study on a lot you currently own or are interested in purchasing.


How long does it take to design my new home - and how much does it cost?

You should plan on the design process taking approximately 2 months and spending about $10,000-$15,000.  If you like one of our models we can tweak the design to best suit your needs at a fraction of the time and money.

How long does it take from the planning stages to moving into my new home?

Approximately one year.  About 2 months for designing your home (less if you use one of our models), 2 months for permitting and 6 – 8 months for building.  Many factors can affect the building process time, weather for example, but generally your new home will be ready to move into within 6 months of breaking ground.

How do I finance the construction of my new home?

We work with several lending institutions that do construction to permanent financing.  This means that they will loan you the money to purchase the lot and to build the new home.  During construction progress payments or draws are given to us while you make monthly interest payments only on the money borrowed.  Once your home is complete your loan will then be converted into a permanent mortgage.

Financing Options and Local Connections

How does the material and design selection process work?

You have the option to be just as involved as you want to be. You can select everything, from kitchen layout and design to interior door hardware, from exterior finish material to the color of your light switches. You can also rely on our high quality design standards to provide recommendations based on style and budget to complete your home.

How does the weather affect the building process?

We build all year round, 12 months per year. Even during January and February, there are windows of opportunity when progress can be made without any difficulty. Concrete sidewalks, stone driveways and masonry work cannot be constructed during extreme cold, but these can be deferred without any impact on the overall schedule.

How much supervision will my house have during construction?

Your main point of contact, our senior supervisor, visits your construction site daily.   We are in communication with you throughout the process – as much as you would like to be.  Some clients are more hands off, and others want more frequent updates.   We know your time is valuable but this is a huge investment, therefore John Karanik, the owner of Suburban Builders, always puts himself in your shoes and is available 24/7.  You have a direct line to the owner at all phases.

How does Suburban Builders make sure that this detailed, important, and sometimes overwhelming process is easy for us?

A simple disciplined process provides the framework for a smooth transition from phase one to completion.   We guide you through choices, reminding you of essential selection due dates.  Our experienced team will advise you along the way; our communication lines always remain open to make the project as stress free as possible.

Why can Suburban Builders provide the best value?

Our long-established relationships with vendors and suppliers and the value of our buying power allow us to consistently purchase materials at the lowest possible market prices without sacrificing anything in the quality of the job. Without exception, we pass these savings onto you.

What if we already have a site to build on?

Excellent! Our team of industry professionals can coordinate relevant due diligence issues pertaining to the site to evaluate the feasibility of a custom build on your site. These issues may include soil testing, environmental testing, topographical surveys, zoning regulations, and architectural review board guidelines, etc. Our local knowledge takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Our Promise to You

Since our good name is very important to us, we stand by our commitment to quality. We differentiate ourselves through high customer satisfaction and we invite you to see some of our testimonials by visiting our Houzz page.