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What You Need to Know Before Building a Custom Home in Arlington, VA

If you’ve found your way to our website and this article, you’re probably dreaming of, planning for, saving for, or ready to choose a custom home builder in Arlington, VA or elsewhere in Northern Virginia.

As a leading luxury custom home builder in Northern Virginia since 1998 with literally hundreds of luxury custom homes in our portfolio, we wanted to share four tips to consider – things you need to know before building a custom home in this region.

First and foremost, even before you determine a realistic budget and financing, take the time to assess your family’s current needs and future goals.

If you have a partner in this endeavor, conversations are vital and take time. Be ready to disagree on some items and be willing to compromise. When you eventually meet with and choose a custom home builder, you’ll be on the same page.    Design, style, and “must haves” facilitate a smoother custom building process.

These needs- and goals-assessment conversations can be general or specific and may include questions like:

  • Where does your family spend the majority of time in your home?
  • How might your lifestyle change over the next 5 to 10 years?
  • How many children do you have and how old are they?
  • Do you plan to have more children?
  • Do you prefer formal rooms or more casual spaces?
  • Do you have frequent overnight guests? How long do they typically stay?

Next, it’s time to think about your budget and financing. As most people realize, building a custom home is the investment of a lifetime. We work with qualified lenders across Northern Virginia who stay abreast of regional housing market trends and appropriate packages for your current needs and long-term goals. In general, we work with families who wish to invest $800,000-$1.5 million on a luxury custom home or $200,000 or more in a large-scale renovation or addition. We work with a small portfolio of clients at one time, ensuring that you receive the attention you deserve.

Northern Virginia offers ample housing choices – from urban to suburban to scenic and neighborhoods in-between – so choosing a location can take time and research. Let us assist you in this critical decision! Lot sizes can vary widely, so think carefully about your lifestyle when choosing the desired location.  Or, if you already purchased a lot, our team of professionals will coordinate relevant due diligence including soil testing, topographical surveys, zoning regulations, and architectural review board guidelines. All of this information is critical in informing the custom design and building process.

Finally, when choosing a luxury custom home designer and builder, consider the following: experience, access to professionals throughout the process, and accountability. When it comes to the most expensive purchase of your life, you should not take chances with an inexperienced homebuilder.  Suburban Homes has completed hundreds of luxury custom homes since 1998 in a wide range of styles and locations. Our reputation for excellence is unparalleled in the Northern Virginia luxury custom home market. Our qualified and certified team will oversee your home building process from financing through construction, including permitting and inspections, to finally welcoming you home – all within our 5-month timeframe.

We are hands-on and pride ourselves in knowing each client. Our client-focused size allows us to make changes on the fly and suggest tweaks along the way – such as flooring, wall coverings or finishes – to improve the end product. Your main point of contact throughout the process will be an experienced construction professional and you have direct access to our owner, John 24/7.   The team visits your site every day and provides feedback to you throughout the process.

When you move in to your home, that’s not the end of the process for us or for you. We provide a comprehensive warranty on the home and stand behind it even after the warranty is completed. Our reputation depends on your total and complete satisfaction – many years into the future.

When you’re ready, give us a call or set up an appointment so we can help you design and build your luxury custom home in Northern Virginia.