Suburban Smart Home Technology

If you’re thinking about building a new custom home, smart home technology should be an essential part of the design. What does smart home technology do? Quite simply, it puts your devices to work for you, simplifying tasks, making daily routines more efficient, and making better use of resources like energy and water. In short, it makes life run more smoothly and with greater ease – all with the touch of a button. We are proud to say that Suburban Builders specializes in smart home technology.
When Suburban Builders incorporates smart home tech into its custom homes, all devices can be managed from an app on a smartphone or tablet, anywhere and anytime. The utilities can also be controlled in the home on wall-mounted controllers.

At the press of a button, a homeowner can:

  1. turn on or dim lights – an excellent security feature
  2. manage music playback to specific speakers – perfect for entertaining
  3. adjust the temperature in a specific zone – useful for specific times of day and designated rooms
  4. view or manage security cameras, alarms, and door locks – easy to let in guests, contractors, etc.

As mentioned, the most common smart home technologies include:

  • Home theater and entertainment
  • Home audio
  • Lighting – from fixtures to window blinds
  • Security and monitoring
  • Communications
  • Comfort – heating and cooling
  • Kitchen appliances

Suburban Builders guarantees that each custom home will deliver four to five bars of WiFi in every room on each floor, as well as outside, in green spaces and poolside. Suburban Builders works with a preferred partner, Control4, to “make your home the smartest on the block” as their slogan says.

Control4 prewires nearly every room and outside areas to control speakers, televisions, HVAC, lighting, door locks, alarms, video cameras, security systems and keypads. The installation also wires Internet throughout the home and property to ensure plentiful wireless access points, translating to high levels of WiFi throughout.

When you are ready, give us a call or set up an appointment so we can help you design and build your custom smart home in Northern Virginia.