Ten steps toward building your dream custom home in Arlington, VA Part 1

Making the decision to build your dream custom home in Arlington and Fairfax, Virginia takes time, research, and careful planning. We have been luxury custom homebuilders since 1998 and have built hundreds of homes in Great Falls, Arlington, and Falls Church City and elsewhere in Northern Virginia. We would like to share some of that experience with you.

1.    Neighborhood research

There are a wide array of neighborhoods in Arlington, Virginia and in other nearby areas such as Great Falls, McLean, Vienna and Fairfax. Home to the Pentagon, several museums, luxury shopping and dining for every palate, Arlington, VA, is an impressive and diverse city.  Homeowners enjoy a rich historical background, a thriving business and entertainment community, and beautiful, established neighborhoods. Many of the neighborhoods date to the middle 1800s, but you can also find brand new neighborhoods if you desire.

One website that provides detailed information about neighborhoods is Neighborhood Scout. This particular link shows you a map of Arlington divided into neighborhoods with color-coding based on house value by neighborhood.

Another useful website is the Urban Institute, which classifies neighborhood characteristics such as arts and culture, economic development, and the like.

 Neighborhood Scout is yet another useful tool to analyze comprehensive neighborhood specific demographics including housing prices, school performance, crime rates, and real estate forecasts.

2.    Lot purchase

The purchase of a lot in this region averages $600,000. If you have already purchased a lot, congratulations! Our team of professionals will coordinate relevant due diligence including soil testing, topographical surveys, zoning regulations, and architectural review board guidelines. All of this information is critical for the custom design and building process.

3.    Determine your budget

As most people realize, building a custom home is the investment of a lifetime. Once you determine your budget, Suburban Builders will help you work with qualified lenders from across Northern Virginia to find the appropriate package for your current needs and long-term financial goals. In general, we work with families who wish to invest $800,000-$1.5 million on a luxury custom home or $200,000 or more in a large-scale renovation or addition.

4.    Obtain financing

Our nearly twenty years of experience means that we have already navigated the process hundreds of times, giving us rapport with lending institutions and financial advisors from across the region. We provide assist in securing financing to make your dream home a reality.

5.    Don’t delay selling your current home

After the permit process, Suburban Builders is able to build most luxury custom homes in 5-6 months, versus 8-10 months with our competitors. Some parts of the construction process are limited by extremely cold weather such as concrete sidewalks, stone driveways and masonry work, but we have workarounds in place to ensure the most efficient timeline.

The months pass quickly once the process is started. Now is the time to get your current home on the market.  We can recommend real estate agents who excel at selling homes like yours.

We hope you have found these tips helpful in your custom home building process.

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